Short+Sweet Song Auckland 2013

Short+Sweet Song is new to Auckland in 2013
AT: The Herald Theatre at The EDGE
FROM: 11th to the 16th of June

What is Short+Sweet Song? →

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Play Profile – ‘What Love Can Be’ for Flashbulb Theatre Group

Play Title: What Love Can Be Writer: Tamasyn Clare ITC: Flashbulb Theatre Group Director: Kinloch Anstiss Cast: Cassie Baker Liam Coleman When’s it on? Song What’s the play about? You know that perfect couple you know? This is a look at what goes on with one such golden couple when no one else is watching. […]

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Play Profile – ‘quiet desperation’ for Amplitude

Play Title: quiet desperation Writer: Celeste Oram ITC: Amplitude Director: Celeste Oram Cast: Phoebe Borwick, Ben Jackson, Celeste Oram, Lucy Smith, Adam Thompson When’s it on? Song – week of June 10th What’s the play about? The hysteria of endurance. How the group came together? They are all in the show after Celeste followed each […]

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Play Profile – Annie & Joshua for Dial One Productions

Play Title: Annie & Joshua Writers: Robbie Ellis (words & music), Thomas Sainsbury (proto-words) ITC: Dial One Productions Director: Thomas Sainsbury Cast: Bridget Costello, Callum Blackmore, Robbie Ellis (piano) When’s it on? SOOOOOONG!!! What’s the play about? Two hotel employees on the late shift. Unrequited love, then kind of requited ‘til death do them part. […]

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Short+Sweet Song Program 2013

This program is still changing but at this stage here is some of what you can expect from the Short+Sweet Song showcase this year. ITC: Dial One Title: Annie & Joshua Director: Thomas Sainsbury Composer & Musical Director: Robbie Ellis Writer: Robbie Ellis (adapted from Tom Sainsbury) Cast: Bridget Costello and Callum Black more with […]

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Buy Tickets for Short+Sweet 2013

Tickets are now on Sale!!!!! Click on the picture below  

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